GHF Sourcing Pvt. Ltd. | Policies
Established in 2009, GHF Sourcing is a professionally managed organization, engaged in buying and supplying a wide assortment of Home furnishings, hard goods and garments. Our company has its global network, ample to execute any order of expected value and demand with exact quality, timely delivery and best price structure.
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  1. Quality policy

Quality is our promise to our customers. We ensure that all the general international and specific customer norms for quality are met through our suppliers. To facilitate this,

  • We have a fleet of Local Product Specialist Quality Controllers based across India who make regular visits to the suppliers production units, study their production process, incorporate the necessary changes in the process, if need be
  • Our experienced team of quality controllers constantly monitor the quality of all goods and perform all the necessary tests to ensure the quality i.e. Micron testing for E.P.N.S., Saline tests for chrome, Load-abilty of  hanging items , balance, verticality, drop tests etc.
  • A production sample each of all the items is collected from the vendor and if need be, is sent to the buyer for approval. This will include finalisation of the finish, shape, size, packing, etc., so as to ensure the quality promised.
  • Indsource follows stringent quality control and has placed quality checks at all relevant intervals of production.
  • In- House Quality Check Of Samples
    The initial production samples are first checked in-house and then sent to the buyer for approval
  • On- Line Inspections:
    Regular inspections are made at the production site so that defects in production can be caught early thereby avoiding any future problems like delay of shipment. Regular reports are sent to the buyers along with photos taken at site during inspections.
  • Quality Control And Tests:
    Our experienced team of quality controllers will be constantly monitoring the quality of all goods and will perform all the necessary tests to ensure the same i.e. Micron testing for E.P.N.S., Saline tests for chrome, Loadabilty of  hanging items , balance, verticality, drop tests etc.
  • Final Inspection:
    A final inspection will be made of the complete shipment regarding quality, size, packing, inner boxes, master carton etc. The buyer will be notified of the approval in form of the Final Inspection Sheet which will have all details.
  1. Social Compliance:

While sourcing products for our buyers , we ensure that the following norms are complied with:

  • Child Labour Norms
  • Factory Compliance Norms
  • Reach Regulation Policies
  • Pollution Control Norms


  1. Payment Terms:

The payment terms are decided depending on the following :

  • Duration of relationship.
  • History of past payments.
  • Size of order.
  • Frequency of order.
  • Country of export.
  • Other mutually agreed factors.


  1. FAQS:

How are we different from other buying houses?

Ans. The Indsource Advantage are as follows:

  • We have a decade of experience in the global market and sensitivity towards international customer requirements
  • We have a vast base of suppliers across the length of India offering wide variety of home & lifestyle products
  • We have the Best-in-Industry Quality Control with experienced team of Quality Controllers
  • We are engaged in Continuous In-house product design and development
  • We offer Flexible Payment terms
  • We ensure Best-in-class packaging and good network with shipping agents
  • We maintain Short lead times, Timely production and Delivery
  • We assure our customers of Prompt Issue Identification and Resolution
  • We Actively Liaison through our Merchandiser keeping the customer updated on regular  basis


What are the factors based on which payment terms are decided?

Ans. The payment terms are decided depending on the following :

  • Duration of relationship,
  • History of past payments,
  • Size of order ,
  • Frequency of order
  • Country of export
  • Other mutually agreed factors.


What are our Terms of Working?

Ans. We work on a commission. Depending on parameters like volume of business, ease of doing business with buyer and country , we charge a commission ranging from 5 – 7% of the FOB value of order invoice.